Research Centre for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases
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Manuchehr Gharagozlou

Manuchehr Gharagozlou was born in 1925 in Hamadan. After primary school, he went to Europe. In the nineteenth course of National legislative Parliament, he became the people’s representative in Hamadan. He was one of the largest landowners in Hamadan. Gharagozlou donated the current building and its land (3576 square meters) in 1953 to Pasteur Institute of Iran for the study of human plague.

Figure 29: Right: Dr. Mahmood Bahmanyar, Dr. Marcel Baltazard, Manuchehr Gharagozlou, unknown person, Akanlu, 1962.

Figure 30: Akanlu deed of endowment.

Text of the deed of endowment on June 15, 1953: I, Manuchehr Gharagozlou, owner of the building in Akanlu village, assigned the building located in the northwest of the village to Pasteur institute of Iran. Until Pasteur Institute of Iran has finished this work, it can use this building. The Pasteur Institute is not allowed to redeploy it to a third party.

Hussein Heydari

Haj Hussein Heydari, born in 1960 is a donator from Hamadan. His parents are from Abmeshkin, a part of Shirin so in Kabudrahang village.

Haj Hussein is one of this country's most generous donors and his special interest in his father's hometown led him to give significant aid to deprive areas in Kabudrahang. Among the good deeds of Haj Hussein Heydari are the building schools, libraries, clinics and health centers. He participated actively in the construction of the new building of Pasteur Institute of Iran located at the Akanlu Research Center, in 2012.


I did not choose the plague, but it desired me!

Marcel Baltazard (1907-1971), founder of research centre