Research Centre for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases
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Two employees of the Department of Epidemiology and the Akanlu Research Center, Mr. Abbas AzarNia (BabrZadeh) and Mr. Mir-Azim Ghasemi died in a car accident while on a desert mission.

Desert jeep of late AzarNia in 1965 was revered while returning from Akanlu and the driver died at once and four other passengers were seriously injured.

Mr. Mohsen HassanZadeh died as a result of plague infection in the laboratory .

Other partners such as Asadollah Barandak, Mohammad Kheyrollahzadeh and Mir-Azim Ghasemi were also infected with plague but were cured.

Figure 26: Asadollah Barandak infected with plague and cured in 1968 during study.


I did not choose the plague, but it desired me!

Marcel Baltazard (1907-1971), founder of research centre