Research Centre for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases
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During the 60 years of center’s activity, many studies was founded and carried out by this research center that the results of some of these researches were written in the form of books in Persian, English or French, some of them are as below:

Plague and its epidemiology
1979, Dr. Younes Karimi  

Relapsing fever and its epidemiology
 1982, Dr. Younes Karimi  

Toxoplasmosis, tularemia and Listeriosis 1984
 Dr. Younes Karimi, Dr. Mihandokht Poor Mansour, Dr. Mehdi Asmar  

The role of the fox and its prey (in relation to medical issues)
1986, Dr. Younes Karimi  

Flea, pictorial key and Iranian flea identification
1980, Dr. Mehdi Asmar, Dr. Norayr. Piazak, Dr. Younes Karimi  

Histology of desert rodents
1983, Dr. Aref Amirkhani Dr. Iraj Poosti, Dr. Mehdi. Asmar  

Animal geographic of Iran’s mammals
 2001 Dr. Xavier Misonne, translator: Dr. Jamshid Darvish  

Medical Rodentology
 2008, Engineer Hassan Nekouei, Dr. Mehdi Asmar  

A study of the mammals of Iran, resulting from the Street Expedition of 1962-63 1967, Lay, D M.  

Du Kurdistan au désert d'Atacama: des étés de feu
2002, Xavier Misonne  

M. Baltazard (1908-1971)
2004, Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique  

Balta, Aventurier de la peste (French Edition)
2007, Jean Mainbourg  

Interepizootic Conservation of Plague in Its Inveterate Foci: Working Hypotheses
1964 Baltazard M., Y. Karimi, M. Eftekhari, M. Chamsa, HH Mollaret  

Ecologie des me Rions du Kurdistan Iranien: relations avec l'ePide Miologie de la peste Rurale (Enque te de l'Institut Pasteur de l'Iran. Rapport pre Liminaire)
 1961, Yves Jean Golvan; Jean-Antoine Rioux,  

2013, Translation: Dr. Ehsan Mostafavi  

Guide to review and response to outbreaks of infectious diseases
2011, Dr. MohammadReza Siavashi, Dr. Ehsan Mostafavi, Atefeh Noori  

Plague against people, a man against plague
 2013, Author: Mohammad. Hanifi  

WHO Guideline on Tularemia

2012, Translation: Dr. Ehsan Mostafavi  

Guide to biological risk management and biosecurity in the laboratory
 2013, Translation: Dr. Saber Esmaeili, Dr. Fahimeh Bagheri Amiri  

Diagnosis and management of Q fever
2013, Translation: Dr. Saber Esmaeili, Dr. Ehsan Mostafavi  

Epidemiological reference of common diseases
 2014, plague and Q fever seasons by Dr. Ehsan Mostafavi  


I did not choose the plague, but it desired me!

Marcel Baltazard (1907-1971), founder of research centre