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Studies related to treatment of rabies

The research teams of plague control of Pasteur Institute of Iran were pioneers in the treatment of rabies as well. In the summer of 1964, Dr. Baltazard and Dr. Bahmanyar returned to Tehran after a short stay in borderlands with Turkey, where they were conducting plague studies. At the same time, Dr. Seyyedian, Dr. Purnaki and Dr. Misonne started towards Kurdistan and the Akanlu Research Center. Before reaching Kurdistan, the team stopped in Sahne City, in the Kermanshah region, after a wolf attacked the village during the night; that rabid wolf severely wounded 27 people out of which fourteen were bitten in a way that their skulls were visible. All patients were referred to Pasteur Institute of Iran by the members of plague research team . This event brought about a good opportunity for a practical experiment. Those patients wounded on the head and faces were given serum and vaccination twice and only one died due to the disease; all others survived. This experiment was highly suggestive of the effectiveness of serum therapy and vaccination to prevent rabies and following that, immune-serum therapy was included in the protocol of WHO in 1965.

In addition to this latter event, the plague research teams were always considering rabies in their studies on wild animals and published their results in appropriate journals [41].

- In the book "From Kurdistan to Atacama Desert (Du Kurdistan au désert d'Atacama)", Misonne noted, "We carried wounded people to the truck and asked the driver to take us to the Pasteur Institute quickly to save golden time; then we returned to the village and searched everywhere for the wolf until we finally found and killed it and sent its head to the laboratory of the Pasteur Institute of Iran to confirm rabies in the animal.”


I did not choose the plague, but it desired me!

Marcel Baltazard (1907-1971), founder of research centre