Research Centre for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases
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The Center possesses a collection of over 500 historic photographs illustrating it’s activities, many of them have been exhibited in the center’s museums, a selection of them are shown below.

  Dr. Marcel Baltazard (top right) and foreign guests, Akanlu, 1954
  Dr. Biuk Seyyedian (behind the wheel) stuck in the mud, Kurdistan, 1950
  from right: Dr. Mansour Shamsa, Dr. Marcel Baltazard, Dr. Younes Karimi, 1962
  Modeling Meriones Persicus rodent burrows, Bam Khan-Baghi,15 km from Akanlu Research Center, 1970
  From right: Mr. Bagheri, Dr. Mansour Shamsa, unknown man, Salman Mesbah, Mr. Yazdanshenas, Abbas BabrZadeh, Hamadan, 1958
  From right: Seyyed Shokrollah Hosseini, Vahhab Hazrati, Hussein Agha (local employee), Hashem Baheri, Dr. Younes Karimi, Mr. Ghahramani, Hamid Salarkia, Mousa Hakimi, Feizollah Salarkia, Mohammad Hanifi, Akanlu Research Center, 1962
 from right: Mohammed Kheyrollahzadeh, Hamed Salarkia, Mohammad Hanifi, Salman Mesbah, Dr. Younes Karimi, Dr. Mansour Shamsa, Mr. Sanandaj, 1960
  Patients with bubonic plague cervical parotid, Kurdistan, 1951
  Dr. Younes Karimi (making a speech at right), and Dr. Mirza Eftekhari World Health Organization Seminar, Akanlu, 1970
 Xavier Misonne(Belgian rodentologist), Akanlu Research Center, 1342
  Akanlu Research Center (from the top of the mountain), 1962
  Exhumation of plague victims for sampling, Kurdistan, 1952
 A French photographer with Dr. Marcel Baltazard Syria, 1955
 Dr. Biuk Seyyedian (center), Palestine, 1955


I did not choose the plague, but it desired me!

Marcel Baltazard (1907-1971), founder of research centre