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Jean Mainbourg

Jean Mainbourg, brother-in-law of Dr. Baltazard, played an important role in the documentation of activities in Akanlu in the form of photographs and videos.

Mainbourg wrote a book [71] in which he describes Balthazar’s life. It is being translated into Farsi by the Department of Epidemiology at Pasteur Institute of Iran.

Figure 27: from left to right: Dr. Buick Seyyedian, Dr. Jean Mainbourg, 1958, Marivan, Kurdistan.

Marie Teresa Baroness Ullens

Marie-Thérèse Baroness Ullens (1905-1989) was a French writer, photographer and camerawoman who produced documentaries of Mediterranean countries, such as Egypt and Sudan (1927-1930, 1978), Iraq (1948), the Persian Gulf (1964) and Iran (1948-1970). In her works on Iran she filmed folk music, interviews with the Iranian officials, the art and architecture of Iran, oral literature the migration of nomads in Iran (Qashqai, Turkmen, Bakhtiari, and Kurds), and agriculture.

In 1954 and 1955 Ullens documented the research activities at Pasteur Institute of Iran in the fight against the plague in Kurdistan in the form of a film called" The Borders of Kurdistan". It was premastered in 2008 by Harvard University and translated into Farsi in 2012 by the Department of Epidemiology at Pasteur Institute of Iran.

Figure 28: Baroness Ullens and Baltazard, 1954, Akanlu Research Center

Pouran Derakhshandeh

Pouran Derakhshandeh graduated in cinematography from the High school of Cinema and Television. This cameraman was born in the Kermanshahin1951 and began to work at IRIB in 1975.At this time he also started to make a film about the prevalence of plague in Kurdistan. In this film, the film director highlighted the research activities of the Akanlu Research Center.

Akbar Nabavi

Akbar Nabavi was born in 1964.He is currently managing director and editor-in-chief of the ‘Film and Video Cinematic’ monthly magazine. Akbar Nabavi developed a documentary series about the past and presents activities of Pasteur Institute of Iran. In one of these collections he travelled to France and while interviewing the family and colleagues of Dr. Baltazard, reviewed the plague control and research activities of Pasteur Institute of Iran.


I did not choose the plague, but it desired me!

Marcel Baltazard (1907-1971), founder of research centre